Hi ~ I'm Marion Bridger. I'm 61 years old, I'm a Mother, Grandmother and Carer to my disabled Husband and Son.
I'm decended from the Grahams a very old Scottish Family.  My Grandmothers ancestor Elsbeth McEwan was one  of the last witches to be burnt in Scotland.  Another ancestor led the famous Battle of Killiecrankie. 
My Mother was a Clairvoyant Medium and had a number of Celebtities and members of the Royal Ballet among her clients.
I have worked all my life up until my husband had a stroke in 1995.  I have done mostly managerial possitions and bookkeeping but started my working life selling adtificial flowers in Barkers of Kensington for £4 10 shillings a week in 1963!!
Although my family were Scottish Prespitarians I was brought up in London as High Church of England.  I hated school so went to quite a few of them one being a Convent Boarding School in Yorkshire.  In the late sixties I converted to Roman Catholic finding out in later years that that was infact the original religion of some of my Grandmothers ancestors!  In the late sixties I also entered a convent to train as a missionary but unfortunatelyI entered the wrong order!  It was an Italian Teaching Order and as I'm not acedemic and not submissive it was a dissaster and I left!  Now I am just a plain old Druid and Sorcerer!
I have always been interested in historical research.  When I get the chance I'm a Paranormal Investigator.  Over the last few years I have done a lot of research for friends covering family tree research, old buildings, historical locations and paranormal.
As I can't get out too often because of being a carer I can however do research on the Internet to while away the time.
I hope you find this site interesting and if you are into Paranormal Investigating and need some historical information thats not in the guide books let me know ~ I love a challenge!
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Bright Blessings
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