I have done a number of very Interesting investigations some of which have also been investigated by the Living TV Show Most Haunted.

I am only putting the footage on here that I couldn't find a logical explanation for!!

I don't believe everything I see!  and I am very suspect about orbs! I do believe in UFO's and have had a couple of exsperiences I hope you enjoy and find interesting what you will see.





The Ram Inn

Gloucestshire, UK.



I have done about three Investigations at The Ram with my friends.

If you type The Ram Inn into your search bar you will find the history on this 15th Century building.

I have caught several unexplained voices and screams on audio.

The video clip I am listing takes place in the barn ~ the person I am talking to is John the owner,  a really super guy.  I didn't notice the orb! at the top of the screen straight away.  It appears at the end of the Barn above John's head and about the place that Stewart in Most Haunted is supposed to have been pushed over.

This location has been Investigated by Most Haunted twice ~ I have never found or felt anything sinister there myself ~ just a very old building with lots of dust and spiders webs!! :) but a few weiirrrrrddddd noises!!!!!! 


To View the Videos Please go to:

Ram Inn Orb  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxpjlETJPL4


Ram Inn Voice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdzepxEBduw






Cavern Club ~ Liverpool UK.


The first video clip you will see is from an Investigation I did at The Cavern Club in

Liverpool in 2004 ~ famed for the Beatles and other Famous singers and bands.

This was a small passage at the back of the club.  It is a dead end with

only dressings rooms and toilets either side at the bottom.

There were only the four of us at the back of the club and you will

see us walk down the passage after the 'stick like people' walk from left to right

 across the bottom of the passage.

To me it looks like they are carrying guitars!! What do you think?


Will be posting more photos at a later date.


To View the Video please click here:

















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