I have had some interesting experiences concerning UFO's and extraterestial beings.

My first experience was about 20 years ago.  I live in Surrey about 3 miles from what used to be the RAE which was a government establishment ~ now a private airfield.  All the major air crash wreckage used to be taken there for analysis.  I also live near a lot of

Lay Lines and I believe you will always find UFO activity within their region.

I was with my son Robert who was then six years old.  We were on our way home from town about 5pm.  As I approached the roundabout I saw a circular object fly from left to right over the roundabout.  Instead of turning right into our road I drove straight for the

roundabout to get a better look but it was gone within seconds.  Now living near the RAE I saw the latest in aircraft technology  every two years at the Airshows but there was never ANYTHING that fast at that time!


About Ten years ago I went up to a very famous London Moot ~ then called Talking Stick now I think The Secret Chiefs.  It was the evening of the launch of the Talking Stick Journal.  I was with two friends Arthur Pendragon and Carrie de Faye.  On our return journey along the M3 motorway about 2 miles before the Frimley exit I looked at

my petrol gage which read nearly empty ~ a second glance minites later it had shot up to full and the heat warning gage was the highest it could go!  No sooner had I noticed it,  it all went to normal again ~ nearly out of petrol :)  This happened once again several years later as I was driving home from Aldershot through Weybourne.  Has never happened since.


I used to sell my hand~made jewellery and crystals at my friends Mind, Body and Spirit Fairs.  One night my friend a medium was approached for help by a lady who had attended an angel workshop of a very famous lady called Diana.........

This workshop took place in a small village in Somerset.  The lady herself a psychic had witnessed over the days she was there alien beings.  Apparently everyone there was very afraid but only a few could see them.  Some very tall who she just observed ~ the others small and not so nice. 

 My friend sent the lady to me as he knew I was a High Priestess and might be able to help.  I contacted my friend Mhari Kent who was a light worker and recognised by the Christian Church for her work.  I drove Mhari down to Somerset and while I distracted

the lady in the house where the workshop had taken place Mhari closed the StarGate.  About five years ago I was told by this same lady at a moot I ran that the alien beings were searching for the  people who had closed the Stargate!!


About 3 Christmasses  ago a very strange thing happened one december evening at my Granddaughters old school about 1 1/2 miles from my house.  Her teacher was working late and heard a load noise from the school playing field.  She observed along with other

teachers an orange coloured shinning object on the playing field. They also saw the headmistress come from the vehicle, they then ran from the school building towards the headmistress and took her inside and gave her a drink.  Afterwards they asked her what she was doing outside and she said " I haven't been outside, I was working in my office"!

They rang the police but where in fact in the end accused of wasting police time!

The teacher told my grandaughters class about this the next day and by  January the teacher suddening left employment at the school!  My belief they didn't like that she had spoken of the incident and the poor woman  was asked to leave ~ another cover up!!!!!!!!!!!


At this time my daughter and grandchildren were temporallyliving here and my daughter was sleeping in my room.  About a week later my  daughter had just put her light off and closed her eyes when she was aware of  a presence in the room.  She opened her eyes and let out a  scream and ran into my son's room where I was. She told me she had just

seen a small figure walking around the walls of the room.  She said it was about four foot high and a bluey grey with a big oval head!!  Now my daughter is psychic and very used to seeing children running around her old flat which were NOT her children so I know

for sure this was not a dream or imagination.  Catherine just is NOT frightened of the paranormal.  For a week after I had to leave her door wide open and the landing light on!

Well, if they were looking for me I was just the other side of the wall !!!


They deffinately walk amongst us.  Glastonbury is a very good place to witness this.  On my visit there with Mhari she commented that some people had looked at her and just inclined their heads knowingshe knew who they were.  After she told me I noticed it for myself.  You will look at certain people who look just like us but there is just something they haven't got quite right and I am still trying to reason what it is!  But you sence it.

I believe there are a number of Alien Underground Bases all over the world, the biggest one being in New Mexico. I believe some of these bases are under water and I believe in

The Hollow Earth entrance being at the Poles.  I believe we can continuepast the North Pole.  I believe Goverments know an awful lot more and I believewe have a right to know.



















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